Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

An Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) is a document submitted by or on behalf of the owner of a building to their Local Council. This Statement may also be required for OH&S and/or insurance purposes.

The AFSS is required on an annual anniversary date much like a vehicle is required to pass an annual inspection for registration. A fine may be issued by the Council to the owner of the property if the AFSS is not received by the Council on the proposed due date.

Note: If your Council has not requested an AFSS you may not need to submit one. However, all equipment should still be tested to ensure the safety of tenants and to ensure your insurance is not compromised.

Your role in supplying a Statement

By advising us of the due date of your Annual Fire Safety Statement, we can schedule your testing appropriately so your Statement will be ready for submission. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We require the due date of your Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • It will assist us if you can supply us with a copy of the schedule of equipment and any other correspondence received from Council regarding the Statement.
  • You’ll need to arrange access to all fire protection equipment on site for our technicians to complete testing and repairs where required
  • A Certificate cannot be issued unless all equipment is found to be compliant during the test. Should any equipment need repair, a report detailing repairs required will be sent to you. On receipt of this report, please advise us on how you would like to proceed.

Once you have received your Certificate:

  • The owner or agent of the property must sign the Statement and forward it to your Local Council
  • A copy of the signed Statement must be given to the Fire Commissioner and / or your Local Fire Brigade
  • A copy of the signed Statement must be prominently displayed in the common area of the building in question

Book your Property Certification

If your Local Council has requested an Annual Fire Safety Statement for your property or if you require Certification for OH&S and or legal purposes, contact us and we’ll arrange for a service technician to come out on site and test your equipment.