Fire Protection Systems 1

Fire Protection Systems

In the event of a fire, the key to minimising damage to a property is adequate and well-maintained fire protection systems. We design, supply, install and maintain complete systems including fire alarm panels and detection, exit and emergency lighting, sprinkler and hydrant system pumps. All BettaFire installations will comply with the latest Australian Standards.

BettaFire also holds licences (147574C) for plumbing, electrical and cabling work.

Fire Protection Systems

Servicing of Fire Protection Equipment

Our team of professional service technicians test and maintain a variety of fire protection equipment, from portable or passive equipment to electrical. This ensures an efficient and consistent way of maintaining your building and its equipment.

The safety of our staff and our clients are of the highest priority. You can rest easy that when our technicians attend your site that they will always operate according to safest practice.


Equipment Supply

Given the purpose of our fire protection equipment, we know quality and reliability is essential. We use the best quality equipment to ensure compliance for your property and value for money.

Trust BettaFire’s knowledge and industry experience when doing upgrades or repairs to ensure that you and your property’s best interests and requirements are met.

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